The Real Estate Office Reinvented

A look inside Intero’s River Oaks Office, located in the corner of Kirby and Westheimer.


In the popular mix use development known as West Ave in the heart of River Oaks, you’ll find Intero Houston's flagship office. This 3,000-square-foot space is a minimalist hub of modern style and consumer traffic. Gone are the cubicles, replaced by business lounges, collaboration tables, plug & play offices and agent "pods".


It's about the people using spaces, not the spaces themselves.

For developers, this serves as a localized space where they can create awareness of upcoming projects. For clients, Intero emits an air of difference offering a beckoning invitation to come in and see what’s on the market while enjoying a cup of coffee, high-speed Wi-Fi, or meet with their agent to sign a contract. All without the threatening scent of sales. For agents, this modern space sparks a discernible energy that turns it from vanilla office into a hub of positive activity. Now it’s a convenient place to meet clients who are out shopping in the area already, check email and go over contracts (which are conveniently and securely stored online).

The real estate brokerage of the future is no longer the workplace... it is a collection of workspaces designed for mobile real estate professionals.
— Katie Maxwell, Vice President

It's about creating an amazing and meaningful experience.

Our mantra is this: Lose the cubicles. Lose the reception. Go completely wireless. Invite the public to use your space and access your information. Give the agents a collaboration area, couches to work on, and coffee to sip... And place this space in an amazing location. Then sit back and watch what happens. Allow agents to plug into web-based transaction management software enabling them to manage entire client files online, eliminating the need for paper and storage. Make remote processes supported by the coolest technology you can find. Feel the absence of copy machines and filing cabinets.

We combine the social elements of a coffee shop, the functional elements of an office, and Houston’s most innovative agents.
— Daniel Ciscomani, President

It's about becoming a beacon of innovation.

Intero River Oaks sends a loud and clear message to agents that embrace collaboration and thrive in a leadership that makes them participate and do what they can to support. It also sends a renewed message to the public that real estate is not mom and pop, backward and dated but instead, a service that is all about enhancing the real estate experience.

Intero River Oaks is an idea come to life. An experiment with a remarkable yield. And for Intero, this is just the beginning.