Intero is a different kind of real estate brokerage where agents help each other sell homes and do other amazing things with real estate.


People embrace companies with the customer experiences that best meet their needs. Intero sells homes by designing these experiences. We use the latest technology, data, and marketing strategies that today's clients want. We combine these capabilities into amazing home selling solutions, and in that process, we create meaningful relationships with buyers and sellers. This approach has made us one of the fastest-growing brokerages in Houston.



People come to Intero to work, learn, connect, have meeting, ask questions, look for inspiration, or get a new perspective. There's always something exciting happening at Intero!



Our culture is almost an indescribable thing... yet it's as real as rain. If we were a restaurant, we would be trendy and have an open kitchen. If we were a car, we would be sporty and a total joy to drive. And if we were a real estate brokerage, we would be just like Intero :)



The office is no longer "the workplace" but a collection of workspaces for mobile professionals. Our offices combine the social elements of a coffee shop and the functional elements of an office. The result is an appealing space where people talk to each other about life and business.



During the day, the office is a place to meet and connect. During the evening, the office transforms into a venue for lectures, events and all things real estate.



Our operation is paperless and mobile. We can run it from anywhere. Our marketing tools and transaction management systems are changing the way agents and clients work together to buy or sell homes.