Centralized Showing Service

High tech meets personal service. Centralized Showing Service (CSS) is an essential part of an agent's daily life. It's about the seamless integration of personal service and user-friendly technology that delivers accurate information in real-time, every day.

What is it?

Centralized Showing Services (CSS) is a full-service call center that handles all listing appointments for you. CSS makes it easy for buyer’s agents to request showing appointments on you listings, while giving you a hands-free approach to managing showings. CSS is the primary way by which agents all over Houston schedule showings, and as an Intero agent, you will have access to CSS for each end every one of your listings.

How does it work?

When buyers agents want to show your listing, they will contact CSS, and CSS will call, email or text you to confirm each showing. All you have to do is respond and approve showings with your mobile phone from an email or text message. There's also an app you can use. No more missed appointments! And by the way, CSS also includes a link to schedule appointments right in your property listing in the MLS, making it even easier for buyers agents to schedule showings.

Wait that's not all!

CSS will systematically call the buyer's agent after each showing to get feedback, and put the findings into an online report you can show your sellers. Talk about objective feedback! Want to take it a step further? You can setup the service to provide your sellers with instant notifications for every showing. So just like Amazon informs you throughout the fulfillment of an order, you can now be the reliable agent your clients will love! Want more? How about giving your clients access to the report online, so they can see how the market is reacting to the sale of their home, 24/7.