Search is Only the Beginning


We also perform due diligence, make offers, negotiate terms, and manage the closing process on your behalf.


Professional Search

Each property search begins with an initial consultation, where we create a plan of action that will be tailored to you based on the type of property and terms you require. We research each property prior to your viewing. Only after we are satisfied that it is priced correctly and fulfils your requirements do we recommend a personal accompanied viewing, all of this saving you time and effort.

Offers & Negotiations

We handle all offers, amendments and signatures electronically. Every negotiation is different and each therefore requires a careful tactical approach. Our collective experience and expertise, combined with painstaking due diligence carried out on every property purchased, provides a high level of comfort to our clients.

Closing Management

We manage the entire transaction from offer to closing, including escrow, inspections, covenant clearances, title abstract interpretation, mortgage coordination, title company coordination, surveys, disclaimers, and closing disclosure verification. We are present at the closing table and represent you until you get they keys to your new home.

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A trusted agent will dramatically improve your search and help you navigate the world of real estate.

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