Better Returns


Intero helps you maximize your returns through the financing, acquisition, improvement, leasing, and sale of investment properties in Houston, Texas.


Rental Properties

We provide integrated solutions that allow you to reap the benefits of owning income producing properties. Our services include rental property research, financial reports, property acquisitions, rental marketing, and property management.

Residential Flipping

We have experienced agents who do it themselves and help investors like you find, finance, buy, remodel and sell investment properties. Our services include flip calculations, builder referrals, property acquisitions and sales.

Financing & Financial Strategies

Our financial experts help you add income streams to your real estate investment portfolio with a low cost and without the need to add capital. Our strategies include hard money lending, specialized investment financing, cash-out refinancing, and equity stripping techniques.

Portfolio Deployment

Tell us your investment goals, and we’ll help you build a real estate investment portfolio that will help you reach them through Intero's end-to-end services of legal entity establishment, property selection, financing, acquisition, rent, property management, and sales. 


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With a successful track-record in structuring, managing and monetizing investments that provide income and rapid capitalization to meet your needs.

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